Check email for confirmation, address and door code.


Questions or Concerns:

Phone: 918-804-3937 | Email: bloomtulsa@gmail.com

Allow proper time for response during business hours.



Always wash eyes before appointments for the best results.

Please inform stylist of any allergies that may be of concern.


Currently wearing extensions from elsewhere:

Must be wearing individually applied lash extensions; no clusters or strips.

Correction/Removal may be needed to properly apply our product + design.

As your new salon; we are not familiar with your look; please allow time to adjust.


Care | Hygiene | Maintenance:

Proper hygiene is a must to keep eyelashes healthy and strong.

Clean eyes every night for health + longevity of eyelash extensions.

Wash hands before touching - do not over-brush | pick or pull the lashes.

Keep eyes clean of dirt | oils | sweat | cosmetics and bacteria for good hygiene.

Cleaning instruction: Wash hands | wash around eyes | water rinse | gently dab dry.


Lash Growth:

The average lash refill is 2-4 weeks - due to the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes.

Lash Extensions in poor condition or grown-out; extended fill or new set is recommended.

We naturally lose 2-4 eyelashes per day; schedule fills according to lash growth to keep look.


Application Policy

Clean eyelashes is a must for proper application; if wearing mascara/liner + $15 removal/time.

Lash extensions are designed to the natural lash palette by strength, length, quantity & shape.

We do not compromise integrity of the natural eyelashes; a gradual increase is recommended.

We can only enhance what your natural lashes can support; please be realistic of this process.

Each "Look" has allotted time and cannot be changed at time of service. Give 24-hour notice.


Appointment Policy:

Bloom is by appointment only; our door remains locked during business hours.

We may be with a client when you arrive; relax and we will be with you shortly.

Late cancellations or no-shows: 50% of service cost is required to reschedule.

Late appointments will end at allotted time or may be required to reschedule.



The client must be at least 18 years of age to schedule an appointment.

24-hour notice for change: click (change) button in confirmation email.

Check confirmation email for directions + door code for boutique entry.



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